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Farrakhan: “A National Asset” says journalist


Debra Hanania-Freeman

Farrakhan used the opportunity to release a statement entitled “A Torchlight For America,” whose text was excerpted from his forthcoming book of the same title, to be released sometime in May.  Farrakhan’s remarks examined the status of the nation’s health care system, welfare reform, taxation, prison reform, the national debt, and the economy. Although the speech was packed with facts and statistics, and was bitingly accurate in its critique of the state of the U. S. economy, what was most striking about the presentation was not Minister Farrakhan’s acumen as an economist, but his personal vision of God, his good humor, and the kind of passionate defense of African Americans that could only be delivered by one who has fully internalized his own responsibility to provide leadership for his people….

Hearing Farrakhan in person for the first time was clearly startling to many of those gathered who had only read news accounts of him circulated by his enemies. But Farrakhan’s wit, vitality, and most importantly, his humanity, were irrepressible.  Farrakhan is, without question, a far different man than the sound-byte target that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith has constructed. Indeed, he thanked Lyndon LaRouche’s associates for their work and insights exposing the ADL, saying; he was shocked when he saw the ADL’s “Farrakhan dossier” portraying him and those associated with him as criminals. Clearly, Farrakhan came to Washington to deliver a message and to offer his help to a troubled nation. He is a national asset whose voice should be heard.

(Source: EIR Volume 20, Number 20, May 21, 1993)

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